Every single family history search is unique.  Therefore it’s always difficult to put overall cost on family research.

Research, by its nature, can be quick but at times, extremely time-consuming.  Our goal is to give you the best research available which is why we offer a first check.  We also aim to keep you informed of any possible challenges as we move forward.  This open communication to you allows us both to understand what’s happening and to work much more efficiently towards your goal.

Generally speaking, we charge the following costs:

  • Research costs:
    1. General Research:  £10 per hour. (£30 to be paid upon acceptance before research begins.  Further research payments to be agreed if required.)
    2. Heir/Estate Research:  Please contact directly for costs.
  • Physical Costs (Separate to research costs):
    1. Official Documents.  These are costed as follows:
      • England/Wales BMD Certificates:  Costed to match UK Government plus postage.
      • Scotland’s People Records:  Due to the credit system they use, it costs money to search.  This will be discussed with you as and when required.
    2. General Expenses:  Typical general costs are travel, food, accommodation & postage.  Any expenses will be communicated and agreed beforehand.
  • Guides:  Guides will become available soon.  There are no costs as yet.  Should you need a guide now, please contact us with the details and we will offer further information.
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